Dog Behavioral Evaluation

Before beginning a training program, we evaluate the current level of training and readiness of each dog. This assessment allows us to understand both your needs as a pet owner and the needs of your dog.

Puppy Training

We have specially design puppy training program for dogs 8 weeks and older with no previous training. Our puppy training helps give your dog a great foundation of basic behaviors. Young dogs can get overwhelmed or distracted by their surroundings. This tendency makes it important to work on coming basic everyday training such as coming on command, leash-pulling and impulse-control exercises such as “stay,” “leave it” and “sit.”

Adult Dog Training/Retraining

Whether you have an adult dog with long standing challenges or have adopted an adult dog, we can help with handling aggression, poor behavior and other long term concerns.

Becoming Pack Leader

Dogs are most comfort in a pack setting. As young puppies, they learn how a pack works with their litter. As they grow up they start to take their place in a pack hierarchy. Behaviors such as dominance, submissiveness, leadership, obeying others – are all concepts that are understood by every dog. We work with dog owners to fill that role with their our pack.

Group Training

We are happy to establish a socialization or group setting to work with your dog.

Obedience Training

Building upon the skills we establish during puppy training, our obedience training program covers more advanced concepts in obedience.

Service Dog Training

We have significant experience working with dogs for a service capacity. We encourage you to share your particular service needs with us, we will


Brevard County $75 per session.
Training dogs in all of Florida.
Each session is one hour or longer if needed.
Prices are sensitive to location of dog owner because that is where the training will be unless the training is needed elsewhere.

(Please ask about pricing outside of the Space Coast.)

Kenny Porter, 1228 Seminole Drive, Indian Harbor Beach, FL 32937